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Do You Need an Umbrella Insurance Quote in Miami

Umbrella insurance is additional liability insurance that picks up where other policies leave off. Your primary liability insurance will cover you up to the limit specified on the policy. Any additional amount that must be paid will come from the umbrella insurance policy. That is, up to the umbrella policy's limit. It is, in essence, extra liability coverage in case you ever need it. Umbrella coverage can be affordable because of the fact that no benefit is paid until the primary liability coverage is exhausted. In any case, you can depend on Tropical Insurance Agency to provide you with the lowest umbrella insurance quote in Miami.

Know What Your Coverage Covers

Excess insurance is a type of insurance which is similar in many ways to umbrella liability coverage, however, it usually only covers the excess of one particular policy. Excess policies are called "follow form" since they cover the exact same thing as the associated policy, but with their own individual limit.

Umbrella policies by their nature are broader in the scope of their coverage. An umbrella liability policy is not made to conform with a single primary liability policy. They lack the exclusions defined in primary liability policies and are designed to cover the excess from one or more policies. In addition, an umbrella liability policy may become your primary coverage if the particular liability was not covered in your primary policy. They are named umbrella policies because of the broad coverage they provide.

Coverage levels for umbrella liability policies begin at $1 million and are available for $10 million or more. The knowledgable insurance agents at Tropical Insurance Agency can help you determine what umbrella policy is appropriate for your circumstances and ensure that you are properly covered. The determination is made by assessing your liability risk and the amount needed to protect your assets.

What assets you need to protect will be a deciding factor in how much umbrella coverage you might need. To keep costs down consider making your deductibles higher on the primary policy. Many insurance providers will also offer discounts if you bundle your policies with them. Tropical Insurance can help you find the coverage you require at a price that will agree with your budget. Call Tropical Insurance Agency for guidance and you will receive the most affordable umbrella insurance quote in Miami.

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